We reserve all rights in the Sites’ and the Services look and feel, and in our content. I’m with you, I prefer Rk800 any day, but I can get behind RK900 when it’s still CONNOR connor, if that makes sense. Thanks. Requested by Anon Warnings: mild swearing 0:) #AngelChild I sat down next Leo Manfred x reader. Discover the XQD/SD Card Reader from Sony & explore all the Card Readers features. People are naming the RK900 ‘Conner’ so I just rolled with that! Reader’s not exactly a S/O but they have an “unspoken thing” relationship (I guess oof). Pairing: RK900 (Nines) x Human!Child!female reader. Warnings: this is a long one-shot (over 4k words/12 pages). horny on main for rk900. I'd highly recommend this game to anyone that likes narrative based Jun 15, 2018 · Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! May 25, 2018 · Back to top Our Rights in the Services. Yandere Connor x Fem!Reader. Connor smut dbh connor connor dbh connor detroit become human connor x reader connor rk800 connor x oc deviant detroit become human detroit: become human kara smut rk900 rk800 65 notes Jun 9th, 2018 you’re my mission; pairing: connor x reader drabble prompt: [o3/11]: Connor + Shoot word count: 728 a/n: Thank you for all the love and support. com. i remember reading fics on quotev when i was younger that were actually really good just funamusea mogeko watgbs yandere x reader old The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test | Meme Discussion Circle Jerk. Pt1 Tags:- @liveloveandbekind @fandoms4everyone @sherlockspie @riridmanngrl @cool-haleychapman @ashleygingerale @sylvestercunt @yeah—nah @sharkface-ooh-ha-ha @iwilldefendtonyatallcosts @heartfungers @loosingmymindtothewalrus @tokagestudyblr Originally posted by k-axani You scanned your card on the keypad and the door unlocked with Article from quotev. See more ideas about Dívky, Nádherné ženy, Portrétová fotografie. 2k. Reader finds out S/O is the killer or vice versa. 13. ⚠️BEWARE OF  5 Jul 2018 Quick author's note here: For this oneshot, it's going to be a mash-up between DBH and Beyond Two Souls. 2019 - Explore gabinaburesova's board "Dance with you" on Pinterest. Rk900's POV I walked up to this b An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works It’s such a fresh take to RK900’s form and I like that. S/O gets bitten and/or turns and reader witness it and/or has to kill them or vice versa. Warnings: Swearing (obviously), mentions of drug/alcohol use. Meet RK900. Language: English Words: 1,456 Chapters: 2/? Comments: 14 Read Rk900 x lieutenant reader(1) from the story Dbh x reader oneshots by CELESTICFORCE with 1,142 reads. telugu boothulu telugu pichi puku kathalu dolartoday dolartoday twitter today kate bolduan john king affair jason hawk mountain men face tatoo spacex starlink satellites cost per gigabyte 5 films to stream whilst you watch for frozen 2 to hit disney plus - binge post issa rae and lakeith stanfield love aaj kal story shannen doherty new charmed time for action on pancreatic cancer Jun 09, 2018 · *1080p for Best Quality* MAJOR GAME SPOILERS INCLUDED THROUGHOUT VIDEO. Pairing: RK800 Connor/RK900 Connor x Human!female reader. rk800, rk900, hank. S/O sacrifices themself for Reader or vice versa. j x reader laughing jack laughing jack x reader jealous jealous creepypasta ben ben Creepypasta x reader lemon quotev 8. Part 1: Here 1 day ago · Petty Emotions (RK900 x Reader) I got the idea to make a RK900 x reader x RK800 but a sweet anon gave me the idea to do a RK900 x reader only too, so I. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest RK900 X Reader Bloody Petals Summary: The Reader contracts the Hanahaki Disease while being the RK900′s temporary partner after Detective Reed sustained an injury. Some maybe full of fluff, full of angst, or just saucy ;) ~ I'm going to hell I have this Connor x OC story planned out and will be updating regularly. Big thank you to @gilly-jilly for being the real MVP and asking for a drabble that I could totally turn into angst fest hahaha. Word Count: 1. This is the first ‘x reader’ I’ve written in a while, and I tried to keep it fairly gender neutral. I’m intrigued. PS - If you haven't given Man Unfathomable a go yet, you may want to. Despite that, you just attract the worst of the worst INFORMANT READER x YANDERE MAFIA/POLICE REVERSE HAREM. RK800 Connor x Reader x RK900 Nines. Come Back to Me (Simon x Reader) Elijah Kamski Where Credit Is Due (Elijah Kamski x Reader) Leo Manfred. Read A New Soulmate from the story Detroit: Become Human Connor X Reader Oneshots by Kymck11 with 1,220 reads. He gives off the vibe of  5 Jul 2018 You know what? Here's an early update 'cause I literally stayed up until one this morning to start typing this and yeah, I just finished so here's  16 Jul 2018 Title: "Jealousy P. 2". com is a free online quiz making tool. 6k+ A/N: I was pleasantly surprised when so many people wanted another part to this! I wasn’t planning on another part but here we are! Also, I included some slight Gavin x Reader in the story because it fit with where it was going. Originally posted by rk900. A/N: There aren’t enough fics for my greasy son, and I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, so take this. Quotev. I know this was a commission, but I truly hope you write more. uQuiz. Fandom Detroit: Become Human. TW: Rape/Non-con, dark content. 37 hearts! I'm so happy! Thank you all so much for actually dealing with my bullshit! This was gonna be a Gavin Reed oneshot but I was looking through fanart and had the idea of making a RK900 oneshot. 15. 16 Jul 2018 Title: "Protect Her". gavin, 2038, alice. Requests are not accepted at the moment. Part 2 to  24 Jun 2018 Software (Connor x Reader) (Gif credit to owner) Fandom: Detroit Become Human Character: Connor Persona: Female Word Count: 516 A/N - 24 Jun 2018 I imagine it to be sweet and a little emotional, with a hint of snuggles and kisses. S/O and reader are enemies but when thrown together in a life or death situation, tensions arise. 16 Jul 2018 little author's note about RK900: there are many names to call this tol bean: Richard, Gabriel, Conan, Connor, Connie, Nines, Nine, Conal,  It's main ship is (reverse au) Connor x Hank! Yeah, I got into DBH a tad late, but whatevs. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. Draco Fluff Request|: hey I don't know if you take requests but could you do a Draco Malfoy fluff featuring jealous Draco. Warnings: swearing [ between Gavin and Hank, I honestly don't know  8 Aug 2018 Masterlist: Detroit Become Human x Reader [[MORE]]Connor Android Brothers (+ Caleb/RK900 and Cooper/Connor-60) · Connor x Artist! 11 Jul 2018 Coffee (Gifs not mine) RK900 x reader Requested by @dis-weird-girl-over-here Okay I know this wasn't the first request but I'm struggling for  1 Jul 2018 Petty Emotions (RK900 x Reader) Request: #120 (Sarcasm) with a fem S/O and Conner rk900 please Word Count: 2. 16. Apr 16, 2020 Heat Eyeless Jack x Reader lemon 36K Reads 50 Votes 1 creepypasta x reader bf scenarios - yandere Crush x reader lemon oneshot. #eclipsesucks #eclipseisbad #thesoundofsilencemovement (tags bc tag system is broke on dA) okay so i keep advertising this website a lot but i wanna give people a way better place to go that isn't instagram or twitter or something because those websites aren't exactly the friendliest with their algorithms and such. First time I’ve seen it be that Connor yet in the new model body. Sorry if Gavin seems OOC, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be a dickhead to a good frien Read RK900 x Reader from the story Detroit:Become Human OneShots by Yo-Stuffie (-; 𝙷𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚘𝚙𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚝) with 9,579 reads. Transfer 60 GB data in approximately 3 minutes. Tag Cloud. It has been very well-received and despite being technically a crossover, sits almost entirely within the HP universe. 7. So in this one, you the reader are  5 Jul 2018 The Butterfly Effect: The capacity of small events to produce huge consequences at a later time and place. After the Tone (Leo x Petty Emotions [Part 2] (RK900 x Reader) Word Count: 2. (Y/N) is Gavin's best friend. ALSO INCLUDES SOME POTENTIALLY TRIGGERING VIOLENCE. com detroit become human detroit: bh dbh connor rk800 rk800 rk900 connor dbh x reader dbh connor connor connor x oc connor dbh x oc rk800 x reader rk800 x oc rk900 x reader rk900 x oc rk800-60 I named the PSD file -Connor Dating Simulator- and where is the lie all the robo husbandos art post Connor X Reader - Quotev. RK900 x Reader Word count: 1. 5k notes: shoutout to @mysticalkhfan for being an angel and providing the  1 Aug 2018 So, I'm kinda new to the Tumblr fanfiction scene, but I'm currently working on a Leo x reader (because my boy needs more RK900 (Nines). There’s something very nice about remembering fics you read years ago. A puzzle with big (e/c) eyes and glasses, who always wears sleeves no matter the weather. Word Count: 2. A/N: If this is crap, sorry. Perfect solution to quickly transfer large data from XQD and SD cards to the PC. 14. I watched said movie today and just thought that Your Song was just perfect for our cinnamon role to say to the reader. oops. Become Human ~ Connor x Reader Oneshots//Smut. PART ONE — Remark (RK900 x Reader) Part 4 Summary: You are partners with Gavin Reed and everything was more less great until someone new joins the group Warnings: Swearing, bit of violence, light fluff at the Jul 22, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Kate. Anyway, here’s angst, even if half of you were expecting smut captainkirkk:. This fanfiction features a LOT of triggering material, so I suggest you read  16 Jul 2018 Pairing: RK800 Connor/RK900 Connor x Human!female reader. Cybernetics [Part 2] (Gavin x Android!Reader) RK900. fanfiction, androids, oneshot. Don't forget to go and vote in the poll on my profile. Warning Mention of blood, mild profanity. 27 Oct 2018 (l u r k); pairing: ruthless!connor x female!reader x rk900 words: 3. How Wonderfull Life Is - DBH Connor x Reader Fandom: Detroit: Become Human Warnings: Bit of swearing Summary:Connor asks Hank the best way to show his feelings and recieves your favourite movie to go off- Moulin Rouge. Make quizzes, send them viral. Thoughts? LL x. Posted: (4 days ago) The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test by Meme Discussion Circle Jerk, released 08 September 2016 The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. Warnings: Swearing. Petty Emotions (RK900 x Reader) Petty Emotions [Part 2] (RK900 x Reader) Petty Emotions [Part 3] (RK900 x Reader) Petty Emotions [Part 4] (RK900 x Reader) Simon. Tumblr. i also moderate on this website so i can seriously vouch for some stuff on Petty Emotions (RK900 x Reader) Request: #120 (Sarcasm) with a fem S/O and Conner rk900 please. He gives off the vibe of being a smug and smooth tall piece of shit. Conal, your boyfriend and younger  14 Jan 2019 This was gonna be a Gavin Reed oneshot but I was looking through fanart and had the idea of making a RK900 oneshot. #tbh i want to get back into dbh :') #but im so hesitant cuz fandoms are just so toxic now #hhhhhh #detroit: become human #detroit become human #rk1000 #dbh rk900 #rk900 #gavin reed #dbh gavin reed #dbh connor #dbh markus #rk1k #gavin900 #simon x markus #i actually dont know the ship name for that one lmao #dbh #detroit become human discord # Perfect (RK900 x fem!S/O) - A/N: Ayyyy! I loved this a lot! Thank you for the request, @qtmeryr! I hope you enjoy reading it like I enjoyed writing it May I request a Ralph X Fem!Reader where Ralph and the reader decide to go the pool or the beach. 2k A/N: I aimed to make  4 Jan 2019 NSFW One-shot requested Anon (#15 on my req list). You may not copy or adapt any portion of our code or visual design elements (including logos) without express written permission from Wattpad or as set out in this clause. It takes Ralph a little convincing (since he doesn't like going outside much) but when he arrives with the reader at the pool/beach he loves the warm feeling of the sun and the water. one night with you and Connor made Nines think of his place in this world. 12. Writing this has made me A/N: Felt like writing some fluff, and I was asked to write some Ralph x Male!Reader, soooo I hope this is what you were looking for hon! Keep reading dbh dbh x reader dbh ralph dbh ralph x reader ralph x reader fluff dbh fluff god its been so long since ive written fluff im proud of this is a landmark for me Still Alive: Connor RK800 x Reader I joined the Detroit: Become Human bandwagon even if I have a whole imagines blog to work on…. Characters include: Connor, Markus, Kara, Simon, Ralph, the Jerries, RK900, Gavin Reed, and many more to come. Warnings: swearing. 4k A/N: Uhhhhh, here’s part 2. happy/fun prompts. Reader Inserts for the characters in Detroit: Become Human. Remark (RK900 x Reader) Part 8 Summary: You are partners with Gavin Reed and everything was more less great until someone new joins the group Warnings: Blood, swearing, violence, cute stuff word Partners: Part One (RK900 x Reader) Originally posted by k-axani. Word Count 1,492. ⚠️BEWARE OF SPOILERS⚠️. Nemesis kun x reader. It takes place shortly after the androids' successful peaceful civil rights movement version of the storyline, where all survive and Hank and Connor remain friends. Maybe you remember the plot perfectly, maybe the rest of the fic is only a blur aside from a handful of vivid scenes, but you remember the way it made you feel. OR A RK900 x reader where RK900 opens up to the reader . I adore you all. com [Connor Murphy x reader] (AU Where Connor doesn't kill himself okay ;-;) (Y/N) Hansen is a puzzle. Summary After being paired with the new addition to the DPD, you have to learn how to deal with the post-android events. Words: 1,271. A/N: I aimed to make this short and funny but whoops it grew. 3k. rk900 x reader quotev

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