Willets was born in 1834. Strong right arm of the infantry. S. 58 caliber round, the Springfield was produced widely on both sides with over 700,000 manufactured during the war. The Traditions™ 1861 Springfield Musket Kit is a . Buy SPRINGFIELD 1864 TRAPDOOR: GunBroker is the largest seller of Single Shot Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All 1865 Springfield Trapdoor - posted in PRE-1898 LONGARMS [REF]: Here is my 1865 Springfield Trapdoor. This musket is dated 1864 and both half cock and full cock work properly. jpg taccadimira-Springfield1861. Retains a M1861 pattern rear Sharps rifles were a series of large bore single shot rifles that began with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848. Oct 15, 2014 · The “trapdoor” on the 1866 Springfield opened forward for loading. Allin is best known today because he developed the "Trapdoor" conversions of muzzleloading Springfields to convert them into breechloaders. Price: $1,995. Wooden with a metal butt plate, trigger assembly, the lock is marked 1864 Springfield (Faintly) and there is no hole in the nipple, the barrel is fake and wooden until after the last barrel band where it then is a metal piece in place, with a metal rammer. Springfield model 1866 trapdoor rifle chambered in . 5 out of 5 stars. Served with brother-in-law, David M. The rear sight was changed to a cheeper to make style type. 30/40 Krag/U. Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor Rifle 45-70. 1 ORIGINAL MODEL 1855-1864 Springfield . Because there were more screws on the rifle rather than springs and nuts, it would have had less recoil when shot, which meant a faster shot and more accurate shot than muskets The Springfield Model 1863 was a rifled musket, and the last in the line of muzzle loaded arms produced by the Springfield Armory. How The Model 1863 could be converted to breech-loading for about $5, at a time when a new rifle would cost about $20. estimates could vary from $500 to $1000 In early 1864 Stockwell was issued this . Loading Unsubscribe from ww321? Testshooting Pedersoli's new 1861 Springfield rifle musket vs an original Bridesburg - Duration: 8:53. The 1861 musket was more efficient than the earlier smoothbore muskets used by both sides in the American Civil War. Hoard 11,300 Springfield Rifle-Musket 07/13/1861 Alfred Jenks & Son Apr 20, 2020 · A total of 265,129 cal. 2 Specifications. You get the one you see in the photo. JPG volata Jul 15, 2015 · I just bought a Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor rifle. Stockwell used this rifle at the battles of Kennesaw Mountain, and Mobile, but not at the Battle of Atlanta. 750 at muzzle. G. US Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Narrow Receiver. The Model 1863 was only a minor improvement over the Springfield Model 1861. 58 caliber single shot muzzleloader with a 40” round barrel and three barrel bands. 00. Yale with forging facilities at Windsor, Vermont and machine shops in Shelburne Falls Nov 28, 2012 · The Springfield trapdoor was the first breech-loading rifle of the United States Army and this collection represents the many variations of a weapon that for 20 years was the army's primary long arm. S. 58 breech loading rifle-musket with the British 1867 Needham Patent conversion. F. Army's last regulation muzzle-loader. It is a Model 1863 Springfield Type 2 that is dated 1864. FOR MASSACHUSETTS". Springfield Model 1892 Krag-Jorgensen Rifle (Altered Have Civil War Model 1861 Springfield rifle. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. 00 : Rear Sights - Mississippi, long range, 400 yard: $120. --$195. 58 caliber, 40" barrel secured by three rounded, spring retained bands, no S/N. Description: Serial #470191, . MP0751 Tumbler Stirrup (Original) For Whitneyville Plymouth Rifle Model 1861 & Springfield 1861-64 Original Hammer screw for M 1861 thru 1870 Musket or Rifle $ 4. Price: $35. 015 shooting patch or a . Browse our 1863 Springfield musket parts and place your order today. 1884 45/70 Springfield Trapdoor cleaning rod. Today, it is a favorite weapon of gun collectors. com, the world's largest gun auction site. SN NSN. 56 Make/Model: U. n. Get your Union shoulder arm today! 1855, 1861, 1863 - 1864 SPRINGFIELD, 1861 SPECIAL SIDE SCREW WASHER, Steel, Reproduction. Allin, master armorer at Springfield Armory, perfected a forward-hinged breechblock that swung open like a trapdoor Lockplate for the model 1861 Rifle-Musket. While in college, shortly after World War II, he joined a fraternity which (like many in those days, and even now) was headquartered in a big Victorian-style house. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I wanted the pictures to be big enough so the resolution is better. Volunteers 2 Sept 1864, Discharged from Pa. Installing a sling on an American Civil War musket can be quite difficult and confusing. This is dated 1864 on the lock, and also has “U. Many subcontracts were issued to complete all orders. It has a 32in barrel and will make a fine addition to your collection. 1855 to 1864 Sear. Stock is good, has been lightly sanded. The Springfield Model 1863 is a . It was the standard U. 575 minie ball. . Model 1864 rifled musket is a . Marked SN-WTC For Mass. This rifle was designed by Erskine S. It is in good condition, Hard to find original Springfield musket part if you are restoring or repairing a old Springfield Musket or Springfield Rifle This item sells to the highest bidder without reserve. Quite a bit I would venture to guess! my friend has an authentic 1864 springfield,however I've heard a price on a replica. 58 cal 2-band rifle. Here we present an antique “KENTUCKY” Marked Triplett & Scott Patent Rifle, made circa 1864 by Meriden Manufacturing Company of Meriden, Connecticut. Springfield Model 1884 trapdoor . N. The right side lock plate is stamped “U. The major difference between the "First Allin" (Model 1865) and the'"Second Allin" (Model 1866) was a simplified breechblock and ejector system. Only 5,000 M1865 "1st Allin" Conversion rifles were produced circa 1865, using most of the components from surplus US . If so, this is the correct caliber of the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle and carbine and later models of the Springfield Trapdoor. 570 round ball and . Springfield U. Barrel has a brown patina. Has the Model 1863 Type 1 bands, and Type 2 rear sight. JPG calcio-Springfield1861. 1855 to 1864 Sear Spring. Bright finish, walnut stock. The Trenton Contract was given to the Trenton Locomotive and Machine Company; between 1863 and 1864 they produced 21,995 1861 Rifle-Muskets. 75” long. These stocks were copied from a high quality original rifle. The Model 1861, with all of its variants, was the most commonly used longarm in the American Civil War, with over 700,000 manufactured. model 1855 springfield rifle musket maynard tape primer (dummy) Last weekend, he approached me and asked me if I wanted this rifle that had been in his family for a few years. J. stamped Barrel. Over 250,000 rifle-muskets of this pattern were  Springfield rifles plus thousands of Special Model 1861 Springfield U. M I L I T A R Y O R I G I N A L ! B A T T L E F I E L D T E S T E D ! ~ 1 Original Model 1855-1864 Springfield . auction notices:nra conditions are based on the determination if the firearm is a modern or antique firearm. 1862 Richmond musket, and the original U. It has a small P on the back as seen in the pictures. The band springs were eleminated also. It remained in Feb 26, 2013 · It appears to be fairly old (he had no back story of how the person had come to own it). Springfield 1861 US Percussion Rifle. 5 External links. Unless this is what the original 1863/1864 ramrod looks like. 1 Original Model 1861 Springfield Lock Plate. Here we present a Springfield U. 58 cal Percussion Musket This is an excellent example of a Civil W for sale by Dale M Fisher on GunsAmerica - 939517667 description: 1864 us springfield 58 cal muzzle loading musket , appears all original ,classified a cut down rifle as it only has 2 barrel bands, new black leather sling noticeable cartouches on stock , side plate marked " s. jpg Springfield1861-0002. 58 Barrel 1863 - 1864 Repro Numer Original Civil War 1863 1864 Springfield . It looked amazing considering its age. The butt plate is marked "US". The origins of the M1873 Springfield date back to the waning days of the Civil War. The 1861-1864 Springfield's were called Rifle Muskets, all had 40" barrels and three barrel bands holding them to the stock Any muskets made as smooth bores originally but had rifling added later were called Rifled Muskets. 50-70 Convert Rifle - 12851282 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. They will fit both original and reproduct I live in a very isolated place where black powder weapons and shooting accessories are near impossible to find. The one piece American walnut stock and spring retained barrel bands gave a robustness that would become legendary and a fixture in later American arms. It's in the pattern of the 1863 Springfield, but the lockplate reads "S. Check out Rafael Eledge's ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this 1863 Savage Rifle & Catalogue from Minneapolis, Hour 1! 10-09-041 – Extra Fine Condition 1863 Springfield Rifle Musket: - This is a wonderful It is dated 1863 on the barrel and 1864 on the lock, indicating that is was  Allin Springfield Trapdoor Antique Military Rifle. Model 1863 Springfield Lock Plate. The Springfield Model 1865 was an early breech-loading rifle manufactured by U. 1861 and Eagle stamped on plate. Rentschler acquired the rifle directly from the estate of Colonel John H. $ Asked in Springfield Firearms The Springfield M1863 Type 1 musket was a government arsenal product from Springfield, Massachusetts. 45-70, 32 1/2 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. An Ordnance letter dated April 18, 1866, to the Commanding Officer at the Springfield Armory states: You will be pleased to prepare and issue properly packed for presentation to the Danish Government, two Springfield rifle muskets with 1000 copper cartridges for each. Lock plate is dated 1864. JPG Springfield1861-0000. The type I changed barrel bands to a thinner more rounded type with a screw clamping them togther. The black walnut stock is oil finished. Springfield model 1863 Type II. from 5. The Springfield Model 1863 is a . Barrel is . The conversion of Model 1863 rifles therefore represented a significant cost savings to the U. Federal infantrymen were armed mainly with the Springfield rifle musket, Model 1861, or variants of this model, i. The 1868 stock needs only very minor inletting to lengthen the breech area, and can be used The Model 1866 Allin Conversion breech loading rifles were manufactured by Springfield Armory between 1867 and 1869. The rifle has the late Buffington folding leaf rear sight Allin Springfield Trapdoor Antique Military Rifle. The standard Model 1863 saw the changes made by Colt on the Model 1861 (which became known as the'Colt Special' Model 1861) applied to the Springfield built Model 1863. Model 1864 (1863 Type II) Rifle-Musket . 00 Read more; 45/70 Springfield rifle & cadet Model 1883 Globe Front Sight Hood $ 49 1865-1864 Musket Hammer Screw. This is a . 45-70 military cartridge. Meriden Manufacturing was founded by Charles Parker and his brother, who would later go on to become one of the most famous firearms manufacturers in the world with his beautiful shotguns. Military Springfield 1903 1903a1 Front Sight Base. 15,000 Springfield Rifle-Musket 12/24/1861 C. The Springfield Trapdoor held the new, more powerful . Cavalry at VA Military 2 July 1865. This is an all original Springfield 1884 Trap Door. This is a straight shaft rod with threading on the end. 10-09-051 - Attic Fresh 1864 Springfield Rifle Musket: This 1863 type-2 Springfield walked into our local Toledo gun show yesterday as I type this and was purchased by one of my helpers who was set up there. MILITARY. 1861 Springfield 3 Band Ramrod (Reproduction for Original)-These reproduction ramrods are made in the U. 58-caliber Model 1863 Springfield rifle musket. Bore has some areas of pitting. Model 1884 Trapdoor rifle that was manufactured by the Springfield Armory in 1889. Weighing 9 pounds and firing a . Extensive newspaper coverage of the Wagon Box Fight prompted several inventors to file suits, claiming Allin had stolen ideas they had submitted to Springfield back in 1864. Jul 11, 2013 · Picking up this original 1864 Springfield Type 1 for $600. US Civil War 1864 LG&Y RIFLE MUSKET, Special Model 1861 SOLD! This original Civil War longarm is a . SPRINGFIELD MUSKET NOSE CAP, Pewter, Reproduction. 1855 to 1864 Tumbler with Stirrup. martial muzzle-loading firearms produced by the US Armory. The rifle was produced in Springfield Massachusetts, which is where it got its name. It says that the 1864 is really an 1863 Type II and that a total of 255,040 of these were manufactured from 1864 to 1865. Now for the Springfield rifle, and I have attached some photos. Model: SPRINGFIELD 1873, 1884, 1877 RIFLE 1861, 1863 - 1864, 1866, 1868 - 1870 SPRINGFIELD, 1861 SPECIAL REAR SIGHT LEAF SCREW, Reproduction. This was a Union contracted manufacturer of weapons during the Civil War. 1911 Parts Model 1855 - 1864 Model 1861 Special Model 1847 Musketoon Manufactured in Springfield Massachusetts at the Springfield Armory the 1863 Rifle Musket is a . s. Springfield Armory was the main supplier, delivering 265,129 units between 1861 and 1862. Cal. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. Shipping from area code 95370 Priority Mail plus Delivery Benny,The 1863 Springfield was a wartime change to make them a bit cheeper. This is a composite stock that with minimum handwork can make fine copies of either model. Rear Sights - 1855 Springfield & Richmond regular sight, low hump: $100. ) Enfield . values vary based on overall condition. MUIR & CO. 50-70. This type was used extensively toward the end of the Civil War. Nice! Ending Tuesday at 6:11PM PST. An 1864 Springfield muzzle-loading musket, made in Bridesburg, Pennsylvania. Front Sight Cover, Rifle, Original, M1883 Buffington, Blued Steel w/ Screw, Used. It is in good condition. This is a very nice rifle that has most of the original blue remaining on the metal with some fading and discoloration at the New Item #36347. 45-70 caliber rifle. U. If you have an 1863 or 1864 Springfield musket that would be improved by a very nice lockplate and hammer assembly, here is your opportunity to get one. The lockplate is stamped “1864,” the year the muzzleloader was made. The Model 1863 was essentially the Model 1861 with some improvements. 58 caliber rifled musket manufactured by the Springfield Armory between 1863 and 1865. During this period, 84,555 rifles of all variants were produced. Allin designed Springfield Model 1865 breechloading rifle. It was a redesign of the Army’s Allin Trapdoor rifle. Burkey, Company A, 63rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers. Just brought into the shop, Model 1841, "Robbins and Lawrence" Mississippi rifle. 7 pounds and is approved by the North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA). 58 caliber “Springfield” Model 1863, Type 2, single-shot muzzleloader in complete, excellent overall condition. Note in the photos that it has the late single leaf rear sight, solid barrel bands held by springs, straight tulip-head ramrod w/ no swell, and split front sling swivel. 58. Numrich has been a source for hard to find parts like these since 1950 and continues to serve firearms enthusiasts with a large selection of manufacturers and models. & W. 50 caliber with renewed rifling. 4 out of 5 stars. The Winchester-Hotchkiss was a bolt-action repeating rifle produced by Winchester 1879–1899 and at Springfield Armory 1879–81. S / SPRINGFIELD next to an Eagle stamped into the lock. S Model 1863 Type II, also known as the Model 1864, was the U. /Springfield” with spread winged U. Aug 03, 2017 · How to Install a Sling on a Civil War Musket (Reenacting). 00 225. Have him check the other markings on the lockplate. 58 caliber Lamson, Goodnow & Yale contract Special Model 1861, single-shot muzzleloader in very good overall condition. Bore has pitting in the grooves. It is quite similar to the Model of 1863, and there is a high degree of parts interchangeability between these models. 577 Tower,1855 -1863, 1866 Springfield Rifle, & 1861 Special - Colt, & 1868 - 1870 Springfi. The Springfield Model 1866 was the second iteration of the Allin-designed trapdoor breech-loading mechanism. If you have a “Civil War musket” in your collection, it very probably is a “Springfield” of this model; if not, you probably have the Enfield musket, The U. These are sometimes referred to as the Model 1864 as well. 69 caliber, or a model 1841 (aka Mississippi) rifle. Rentschler, author of RIFLES & BLADES of the GERMAN-AMERICAN MILITIA & the CIVIL WAR. The rifle is pictured and described on page 77 of that book, as figure 21. It was later replaced with the Model 1866 . Stock shows  26 Feb 2015 Pvt. Z Sold 1864 Springfield rifle-Model: 1864 Serial Number: none Year of Manufacture: Ca. I took my 2-band 1863 Springfield rifle to the Knoxville Antique Roadshow last weekend for an appraisal and didn't do very well. If I could make out the initials in the other cartouche, I could tell you the name of the inspector. Total Ratings 9, Springfield Armory XDS 40 S&w 7 Round Magazine XDS4007. Originally made during 1861 in limited quantities by the “Springfield” Armory, this replica authentically reproduces one of America’s most historical firearms. Springfield 1863 Type II Musket. 50/70 caliber. 50-70 caliber M-1866 2nd Allin conversion. It was the first rifled shoulder weapon to be produced on such a large scale. The Springfield Model 1861 Rifle-Musket was astoundingly accurate to better than four hundred yards. 20. 00 1855 to 1864 Stock Escutcheon ~ Washer. 00 shipping. Sharps rifles have been historically renowned for long range and high accuracy. Over 250,000 rifle-muskets of this pattern were completed at Springfield Armory, and these long arms saw extensive use in the last year of the Civil War. jpg Springfield1861-0004. SN: N/A, JMD  Make/Model: Colt M1855 Military Revolving Rifle. Orig Civil War Ca 1863 / 1864 Springfield Rifle - Musket Stock With Butt Civil War US Springfield Rifle Musket . & Y. Maybe someone has more info on this. acciarino-Springfield1861. b89f1c4981 The,,serial,,number,,would,,be,,the,,best,,way,,to,,tell. 00 Shop for 1863 Springfield musket parts with Numrich Gun Parts. Nov 01, 2013 · The Springfield Model 1873 carbine was the standard issue long arm of all U. of Windsor Vt. thank you 1864 is an eight-part Danish miniseries which deals with Denmark's defeat in the Second Schleswig War between the Springfield Model 1842 Dreyse Infantry Rifle To replace the Army’s 1861 and 1863 muzzleloading rifle-muskets, Erskine S. The rifle also saw service in the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection. Save Item. model 1864 springfield rifle musket type ii. 45. Original Item: Jacob Snider, an American from New York, developed this breech loading system for the P-1853 Enfield, the most prolific imported Percussion rifle in use by both the North and South during the U. US under what I think might be a Springfield armory eagle? Mar 08, 2011 · Have Civil War Model 1861 Springfield rifle. This is dated 1864 on the lock, and also has U. The bore measures . 58 caliber rifled musket produced by the Springfield Armory. JPG fregi-Springfield1861. Browse all new and used Springfield Rifles - Antique for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. Regular price $1,495. 58 Cal Rifle Musket Lower Barr U. The rifle is in good to very good condition with a nice patina, original stock, shiny bore and very visible rifling. Full-stocked, 32 inch barreled rifles, as well as half-stocked, short-barreled carbines, were produced. 58 caliber Minnie ball. Total Ratings 21, U. Springfield Model 1861 Rifles. My interest in trapdoor Springfields began with a . The Colt's, LG&Y's, and Amoskeag's are properly called the 1861 Special Model U. Seller: barrybrowning. Known as the Model 1863 Type II, it was produced from 1864-65 with a total production just over 250,000 units. This is a original hammer for the Civil War era 1863 - 1864 Springfield rifle. 23 Mar 2013 With socket type bayonet. The LG&Y musket was a product of the firm of E. European walnut fullstock w/satin finish. Rifles Springfield 1861 US Percussion Rifle (1861-1865) . This ramrod is for use in the 1863 Springfield muskets. Total Ratings 1, Springfield Armory OEM Gun Mag Enhanced Micro Pistol 40 S&w 8 Round SS Finish. & w. 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket by Armi Sport of Italy, the ultimate in fine shooting military muzzle loaders. Has original shoulder strap and has been fired in … read more It could be either a Model 1842 smoothbore musket in . Model 1863 Rifle-Musket, manufactured at the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts circa 1864. Springfield adapted with the times and produced single-shot breech-loading rifles, including the famed Springfield trapdoor breech loader. $20. Has 1864 with V P , eagle head and N. this firearm is in fair condition. model number 50757. Springfield made the Model 1842 musket, but made no M1841 rifles. s springfield trapdoor arms; (3) 1865-1893 military: bayonets, knives, entrenching tools/trowels, mills & prairie belts, mckeever / dyer pouches & carbine boots. Quick Facts. These rifles were the transition from using a Civil War muzzle loader to true breech loaders. The Springfield M1863 Type 2 musket was a  M1863/1864 Springfield - Navy Arms, Dixie Gun Works, Miroku M1863/64 Springfield The following before and after pictures are of the same musket. com website MP0860 Bayonet Clasp (Original) M1851 Cadet , 1855 -1863 Springfield , 1861 Special, 1866 , & 1868 -1870 Springfield. Caliber: . During the U. A typical Federal Army MUSTER_IN form from the Civil War. A. Ending Wednesday at 7:24PM PST. The rifle is 56” in overall length and weighs 9. An original Springfield US Model 1863 Rifle Musket in original condition and configuration in the Springfield Armory collection Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS This is the weapons price list from General Orders 101, stating that a musket costs $6. 58 caliber percussion rifle sporting a 40" smooth bore barrel and custom metal ramrod. The lock plate is distinctly marked U S SPRINGFIELD" along side the Federal Eagle and "1864" at the rear. 58 'MODEL 1861' PERCUSSION SERVICE RIFLED MUSKET, BY WM. Model 1861 Rifle-Musket as early as 1864. He sold it to me today. I have a repro sling and about a box 1/2 of musket caps. May 13, 2015 · 1864/1866 Springfield rifle ww321. Type: Revolving Rifle. can you tell me what its worth. It was made in 1889 and includes the hard to find Bayonet and rear sight. About 250,000 of these were made in 1864 and ‘65 at Springfield. USED Springfield 1863 with a 28 inch barrel. This is an excellent example of a U. ----- ----- Please visit the Hickok45. 00 Add to cart; Model 1873 45-70 Springfield Headless Shell Extractor $ 15. It is a composite design with features of US and British style arms. The Springfield Model 1866 was a developed version of the Erskine S. Sep 21, 2014 · Shooting and discussing an original 1863 Springfield Type I Civil War rifle, which is essentially just a variant of the classic 1861 Springfield. Rifle Musket. In the 1855 Model guns there were Rifle Muskets and Rifles. 1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Serial Numbers DOWNLOAD. M1865 to M1868 US Springfield: GENERALLY: After the American Civil war, over a million and a half percussion muzzle-loaders were available and in service, but were also demonstrably obsolete. t. rifle until the adoption of the Krag-Jørgensen (a. Just before the Battle of Atlanta, a lieutenant sent Stockwell to find the cooks who were late with Company I’s coffee. The Army ended up paying out $125,000 to settle these claims, an astounding amount in the days when new rifles cost about $7 each. Cooper plays Union army officer Lex Kearney, who undertakes a covert investigation to A very nice 1866, 2nd Allin Conversion rifle. 1855 to 1864 Trigger. He knew I was a Civil War buff and he thought the rifle was from the Civil War. This gun  Original U. Model 1863 Springfield Type II Rifle Musket T his is the last model of US military Percussion Musket produced by the National Armory in Springfield, Mass during the Civil War. Roughly 700,000 Springfield rifles were produced between 1861 and 1865. Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS. 45-70 belonging to my father Jack. If 1863 was the year of the rifle-musket, when the major armies of North and South were finally completely armed with the standard “modern” infantry arms of the day, 1864 could be called the The Model 1863 was only a minor improvement over the Springfield Model 1861. 1878 SHARPS BORCHARDT RIFLE CLEANING ROD. S / SPRINGFIELD” next to an Eagle stamped into the lock. This features a 36. 1865-1864 Musket Hammer Screw. Ending Tuesday at 7:30PM PST. I a Click for more info. As such, it is sometimes classified as just a variant of the Model 1861. This Musket is in fair condition (25%+). The bolster was reshaped and the clean out screw was deleted. Thomas Blanchard (1788-1864) was born on June 24 th, 1788, in Sutton, Massachusetts, near Worcester. S  35 Items Find 1864 springfield for sale at GunBroker. Standard Springfield lock markings, dated 1864 at tail. and the one-piece stock is oil-finished walnut. Meet the Model 1873, single shot, Springfield Carbine. His modification involved cutting away the back of the barrel and installing a cam-locked breechblock. This is a nice  NEAR MINT 1864 DATED MODEL 1863 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE MUSKET. At 56" overall length it was still a long weapon but no more so than any contemporary. The rifle has a blue barrel, ramrod, barrel bands, receiver, lock plate, hammer, trigger guard and buttplate. Civil War, the advantage of breech-loading rifles became During the Civil War over 1,5000,000 of the 1861 pattern rifle muskets were produced by the Springfield National Armory and 2 private Contractors. Bridesburg Machine Works was one such facility, operating as a subcontractor to the Springfield Armory. 58 caliber barrel to a larger Mar 03, 2009 · The . Indian War issue Springfield Armory . Mine is a 1853 model Civil war musket. 58 Muskets, including the U. This musket is dated 1864 on the lock, and also has a deep clear U. Model 1865, 1866, 1868, and 1870 Springfield trapdoor rifles. When the British Board of Ordnance appointed a Select Committee in 1864 the Snider system was swiftly adopted with the first breech loaders being issued in 1865 to British The Springfield 1861 Rifle is manufactured by Pedersoli™ in Italy. It also had a leather Springfield Krag rifle 3-piece cleaning rod: Good: $60. The recommended load for the 1861 Springfield is 60 grains of FFg black powder with a . I am really looking forward to shooting it. Use the gun caliber gauge to measure the inside diameter of the weapon's barrel and look to see if it is indicating caliber . c. There are a total of 86 Civil War Guns (1861-1865) in the Military Factory. Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. The side lock on the rifle is marked 1864 and the butt plate has US stamped on it. shield breasted eagle and “1864” on lock plate, with 40” long round barrel with front sight and flip-up rear sight, steel trigger guard with sling swivel, and second sling swivel missing, steel butt plate, original steel ram rod, walnut stock, total length 56”. Model 1855, 1861, 1863, 1864 Springfield percussion muskets and replicas, the C. Oct 28, 2004 · The 1863 Type II, aka M-1864, Springfield Rifle Musket and the Colt, LG&Y, and Amoskeag are different pieces. This post is for an 1864 Norris & Clement . The Lock on this weapon is in better shape than the rest of the gun but does show some minor pitting but all the stampings are legible. Civil War Springfield Model 1863 Type II Rifle Musket Dated 1864. SWIVEL. Model 1865 Rifle in the Tojhusmuseet (Arsenal Museum), Copenhagen, Denmark. 00 : Rear Sights - Springfield, long range: $120. 2,986 rifles were manufactured at Springfield Armory: 513 for the Army (designated M1878) and 2,473 for the Navy (designated M1879). Model 1863 Hammer. This is a Model 1866 “Trapdoor”, which used the original barrel from the donor musket but was sleeved down to . Good looking Civil War era U. All I know for certain is that my great grandfather passed the Rifle Oct 30, 2018 · Model 1864 pattern rear sight, M1863 pattern ramrod/cleaning rod, sling swivels. ish) So I would guess 700to maybe 1,900. You will get one similar to the one 191821460048 Local friend of mine is from Massachusetts and showed me this wonderful civil war era 1864 58 cal smoothbore musket. The metal has a smooth lightly cleaned attractive steel patina. The Model 1866 rifle was a conversion of the Civil War production Model 1863 and Model 1864 Springfield rifle-muskets. Allin, the chief armorer at Springfield Armory at the time. Goodnow, and B. Two legible script cartouches are present on the counterpane, an FWS and an ESA. The rifle will be my long range side action gun for SASS competition. Manufactured by L. Thomas Blanchard, 1788-1864. I, 14th Pa Cal. The 1861 Springfield features a smooth single-action trigger in an ormate trigger-guard. 1863 Springfield musket ramrod. The Allin system would be not be replaced as the standard U. As times changed, Springfield manufactured famed firearms including the Springfield 1903 bolt-action rifle and the classic M1 Garand. B. 1864 Springfield Rifle. The Model 1861, with all of its variants, was the most commonly used longarm Springfield 1884 Trap Door 45-70 with Bayonet made in 1889. Marked “U. The barrel has a deep clear 1864 and V/ P/ (eagle). Add to cart. the 1864 springfield rifle saw action during the civil war and is a 58 caliber percussion rifle. See Sold Price 23 bids. Model 1864 Springfield Joslyn Breechloading Rifle. for massachusetts " has eagle with shield holding arrows and olive branch . Cavalry units from 1874 to 1896, but the rifle would be switched out in 1886 for the improved Springfield Model 1884. Either one could have an 1854 dated lock or barrel. The casehardened lock plate is dated "1864" behind the hammer   Springfield Rifle Musket 1863 Type 1. excellent condition. 1868 and 1870 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Stocks . Cavalry issue in the late 1870s and it was the first breech-loading rifle adopted by the Army. The Springfield Model 1873 was the Army’s standard issue rifle during the Indian Wars of the 1870s and 1880s. The Springfield 1851 was the most common rifle in the Civil War Hi folks, Still posting some good shooters. Lock plate dated 1864 and ba Click for more  U. What you see is what you get! Please read all of the conditions of sale under the pictures. Made at the SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Circa 1864. ,,[Want,,To,,Sell],,1884,,Trapdoor Civil War Rifle Marked US Springfield 1864 Keywords Category All categories (273) Ammo, Holsters, Scopes, Clothing and More (141) Animal Mounts (2) BB and Pellet Guns (16) Black Powder Long Guns and Pistols (17) Bows, Arrows, Tree Stands, And Related (1) Crossbow (1) Hand Guns (15) Knives, Hatchets, Machete, and Related (21) Long Guns (59) The rifle is from the collection of author Thomas B. The breech is normally kept closed by part of the spring loaded firing pin assembly. Hoard 1,500 Springfield Rifle-Musket 12/01/1863 C. The Springfield Model 1866 used a reinforced version of the'Trapdoor' breechblock that Allin designed for the Model 1865 1866 and 68 Springfield Trapdoor Cadet Rifle Stock . Rifle is overall good condition. By the end of 1863 most Federal infantrymen were armed with either this musket or the Enfield. There was a total production of 25,000 made. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Stock is 52 3/4" length, 2 1/4" drop, and 13 1/2" trigger pull. See page 530 of the "Springfield 1903 Rifle" by Brophy. The Springfield M1863 Type 2 musket was a government arsenal product from Springfield, Massachusetts. 58 Model of 1861 Springfield rifled muskets were produced at Springfield Armory and this arm was also the pattern for civilian contractors furnishing muskets to the government. 50 and caliber . For sale-Used Springfield 1864 Type II musket. u s model 1884. 58: 40 "1016 mm : sp405: u. The barrel is smoothbore and has been cut down from its original length. I know you are looking for a Springfield. Has original shoulder strap and has been fired in … read more Jan 29, 2017 · Our Assessment: This rifle is a Springfield Model 1866 Allin Conversion, and started out life as a Model 1863 Rifle Musket, Type II made in 1864, just before the end of the American Civil War. Ordnance Department during 1864-1865. Allin installed in a Model 1861 Springfield rifle musket donor. A total of 2,000 Norris & Clement rifle muskets were delivered to the state arsenal at Cambridge by December 31st of that year and pay of $37,450 was approved by the State's Master of Ordnance. 102 Timney Triggers Mauser Sportsman Trigger SP M98k. Oct 24, 2016 · The Springfield 1863 Model I was one of the first rifle-muskets to be built. (400. The 1861 Springfield was the most widely used weapon during the Civil War. Made by the Springfield Armory using parts from the 1863 model percussion rifles. after waiting months, I just received shipment of a Armisport 1861 Springfield and just realized the nipple uses the ~1/4" four-wing percussion cap. Description: A Springfield front sight tool for the Springfield 03, 03A1, 22 m1 and 22 M2 rifles. Originally made during 1861, in limited quantities, by the “Springfield” Armoury, this replica, authentically reproduces one of America’s most historical firearms. 58 caliber Rifle Muskets. T. Erskine Allin, Springfield Armory's Master Armorer, had begun developing a breech-loading conversion system for the U. When you have a bullet hole in the pipe, you turn the center adjusting knob on the tube: there is the U-shaped knob (stands for Up) is Springfield Rifle was Gary Cooper's third western in a row, released not long after the classic High Noon. I have a huge collection of vintage civil war musket and rifle parts to sell so check my other listings for more vintage and antique gun parts. military. Harpers Ferry made none of the muskets, but made the M1841 rifles. 00 Read more; 45/70 Springfield Model 1873-1889 Trapdoor Firing Pin $ 17. Jan 14, 2013 · Re-enlisted into Co. or12interest-free payments of  Illegible Fowler Combo Combo, Shotgun-Rifle 1850s JMD-11906 This is a model 1864 Springfield percussion musket that has been shortened. . 58 Remington Rolling Block cleaning rod. It features a metal rod for muzzle-loading, a percussion cap mechanism, and two loops to the bottom for a strap. Then you fire the first shot. The M1863 is representative of the “everyman’s” rifle during the war. u. EP0863 Front Sight (Repro. Original and a superb example of the early U. e. It was favored due to the reliability, accuracy, and range this rifle provided. US Trenton Rifle 1864, like 1861 Springfield, Civil War Era  58 caliber “Springfield” Model 1863, Type 2, single-shot muzzleloader in complete, excellent overall condition. The rifle was produced in two major types known simply as "Type 1" and "Type 2". JPG taccadimira2-Springfield1861. The conversion involved fitting the rifle-musket with the Allin designed trapdoor breechblock, ejector and hammer, boring the . jpg Springfield1861-0001. CIVIL WAR Antique Springfield 1863 II Rifle-Musket Description: CIVIL WAR Antique Springfield 1863 II Rifle-Musket Primary Infantry Weapon Dated “1864” Here we present an antique Springfield Model 1863 Type II Rifle-Musket, made by Springfield Armory in 1864. Civil War. Production of over 250,000 from 1864-1865. Springfield 1863/1864 smoothbore 62 cal. 58 Caliber Musket Rear Sight Screw - $10. 11,000 rifle muskets arrived during 1864 and the Master of Ordnance approved payment to Norris & Clement for $206,112. estimates could vary from $500 to $1000 the 1864 springfield rifle saw action during the civil war and is a 58 caliber percussion rifle. 6" rifled barrel with "JB" inspector mark. SPRINGFIELD” with a eagle holding an olive branch and arrows in its talons. 1855 to 1864 Ramrod Spring ~ Spoon. He showed me the rifle and it appears to be a 1864 Springfield in great condition! I told him I couldn't accept it as a gift but would pay him for it. 45 Action Type: cap lock Markings: First Band marked with U Side Plate marked US Springfield with Eagle Crest and what looks to be 1864 Underside o May 06, 2020 · Springfield U. 58 Caliber Musket Rear Sight Screw ~ *NOTE: These are stock photos. It. springfield rifle. troops. Through the peep sight, you will identify the bullet holes on the target. B. 00: British style unknown rod, 38-1/2" long Oct 25, 2013 · The Springfield Model 1873 carbine was the standard issue longarm of all U. 58 cal, The model 1861 Springfield rifled musket was the principle firearm of the Civil War. Springfield Armory. These changes included The Springfield Model 1861 was the standard rifle used by Union infantry during the Civil War. Model 1862 Nose Cap. 58 caliber rifled musket manufactured by the Springfield The Type II is sometimes referred to as the Model 1864, but is more   Model 1864 rifled musket is a . SPRINGFIELD 1896 30-40 KRAG RIFLE. Model 1855, 1861, 1863, 1864 Springfield percussion muskets and  Show all the details · Pedersoli 'Lighting' Pump Action · Show all the details · Rolling Block · Show all the details · Springfield Trapdoor · Show all the details. jpg Springfield1861-0005. shield breasted eagle and “1864” on lock on Mar 23, 2013. 70 shipping. This. Production at Springfield, from "The US Model 1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket" by Hartzler, Yantz and Whisker: M-1861 1861 33,572 1862 173,809 1863 57,748 M-1863 1863 183,064 1864 90,201 M-1864 1864 157,463 1865 97,577 (Tried to do this as a table, but it didn't work. The Springfield Trapdoor Cartridge Rifle and Carbine was produced for the military in 1873. This Civil War bayonet is made to fit any of the popular U. The expert said he'd never seen one before and then started looking through the Fledermann ? handbook which said maybe it was real and maybe it wasn't. LOCK SIDE PLATE TRAPDOOR US SPRINGFIELD RIFLE 45-70 CARBINE. 1855 to 1864 Trigger Guard Nut. There are no serial numbers on the rifle. The "low arch" breechblock and barrel tang are color casehardened. Nov 30, 2015 · First Pattern 1865 Allin Conversion – Trapdoor Springfield at RIA November 30, 2015 Ian McCollum Conversion , Single Shot Rifles , Video 32 As the US Civil War drew to a close, it was quite apparent to everyone that muzzleloading rifles were obsolete, and any military force wishing to remain relevant would need to adopt cartridge-firing weapons. The standard rifle of Civil War, the Model 1861 Springfield gained its name from the fact that it was originally produced at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. 45-70 Cowboy loads. It seems to have an original early . M1863/1864 Springfield - Navy Arms, Dixie Gun Works, Miroku M1863/64 Springfield The following before and after pictures are of the same musket. It was a good looking gun, and had a wood stock, and didn't have an ounce of rust, nor a tiny scratch on the gun. 20,000 Springfield Rifle-Musket 04/01/1864 Norwich Arms Co. Shipping & Policies. The rifle also comes complete with classic metal embellishments and inlaid solid metal butt plate. John Chase was wounded at Cedar Creek, VA, in October 1864. With socket type bayonet. Springfield Rifle-Musket 12/26/1861 Eagle Manufacturing Co. 1855 to 1864 Breech Plug ~ Screw. The total weight of the rifle is 9 pounds. GRANPA'S GUN PARTS ~ Selling Quality Parts Since 1955! ~ A L L 1 0 0 % U. Earlier models were caliber . ) 10-05-010 - Springfield M1864 Musket aka Model 1863 Type-2 This is the last of the U. There are some pictures of the rifle. The Model 1863 was very similar to the Model 1861 and both fired a . “Pre Custer” 45-70. k. Bayonet is 19. I will use Black Hills . Over two hundred fifty thousand such weapons were produced for the U. 150 at breech to . A total of 273,265 were produced making it the most common of all Union weapons. More efficient than the earlier smooth bored muskets used by both sides in the American Civil War. The 58 balls I had has already been melted down and made in to other cal. It has the date 1864. 50. ANTIQUE INDIAN WARS PHOTOGRAPH SOLDIERS TROOP TRAPDOOR SPRINGFIELD OLD PHOTO. VINTAGE ORIGINAL 1863-1864 SPRINGFIELD PERCUSSION RIFLE HAMMER parts - $49. 58 caliber, Armory bright, 40" tapered round - 1. Conversion system designed by Springfield Master Armorer Erskin S. 95 Add to cart; Original Spencer Butt Plate $ 99. 1861 to 1864 Mainspring. Krag-Jorgensen pictured appears to be a Type I (solid upper bbl band ILO a double-strap band) Model of 1892 Rifle, which were dated 1894 - but there were at least 14 documented changes during the production run. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers and had been adopted by the armies of a number of nations and was one of the few successful designs to transition to metallic cartridge use Mar 26, 2020 · After having fixed the gun, let it face the target, turn the zoom adjusting knob to the minimum zoom size. Stock is good with minor handling wear. this site specializes in: (1) trapdoor springfield rifles & carbines, 1865-1893; (2) indian war & span-am war: u. The bore measures slightly over 1/2 inch. 15 Dec 2014 SPRINGFIELD, DATED '1864' Together with A U. 10,000 Springfield Rifle-Musket 10/18/1864 Norwich Arms Co. Name is on PA Monument at Gettysburg Battlefield. , Samuel Norris And William T Clemens ( Contract) 11,000 rifle muskets arrived during 1864 and the Master of Ordnance   1 Apr 2014 Back in Springfield, word was received on April 18 of the death of Thomas Part 35 -- Civil War February 1864: Swindlers prey on soldiers and massive fire With those gone that left 224,000 rifles being stored at the arsenal. Springfield Model 1864 Musket Civil War Bridesburg Contract . go to the post on black powder site trapdoor 45-70 trap door conversion and colt dragoon. There were less than 25,00 made - but I am not conversant with the proper stock config. C. The M1868's are marked " 1863" or "1864" and are serial numbered on the left side of the receiver. $26. Springfield  The U. Metal has a gray patina. 00: English Martini-Henry cleaning rod, shortened : Very Good: $35. 615 at the muzzle. This is a virtually new late Civil War Springfield rifle musket. Breech with matching 1864 date and V / P / {eagle head} proof marks. Army rifle, made During the winter of 1864–65, work at the armory began to slow. Lamson, A. 99. The breach block is marked "1866 / Eagle". This gun is being sold AS-IS. Production of rifle-muskets began in 1855 and continued throughout the Civil War. It has a walnut stock and grip, and a steel barrel and butt plate. His first invention was a tack-making machine which he invented at age eighteen and perfected over the next six years. The one-piece barrel is forged steel,. Mar 19, 2012 · My ex boyfriend had a Springfield 1864 rifled musket (that's what it says on wikipedia at least). jpg Springfield1861-0003. 155. ,,. With that change the cone was moved inboard so a hammer that had In early 1864 Stockwell was issued this . The Model 1863 is a development of the earlier Springfield Model 1861. As such, it is sometimes classified as just a variant of the Model 1861. Since they are not made like a modern rifle sling, you have to install it differently. Model 1863 Type II Springfield Rifle 1864 . Cartouche is dated 1883. 1855 to 1864 Trigger Screw. Starting Price $100. description: this auction is for a springfield 1864 blackpowder rifle in an unknown caliber. , the Model 1863 or 1864 rifle musket. Originally developed as a means of converting rifle muskets to breechloaders, the Allin modification ultimately became the basis for the definitive Model 1873, the first breech-loading rifle adopted by the United States War Department for manufacture and widespread issue to U. Tool is used for tightening the front sight dovetail gap. a. This stood for Erskine Allin who was the Master Armorer of Springfield in 1864. Manufacturer: U. 00 : Rear Sights - 1861-1864 Springfield regular sight, high hump: $85. 58. See Firearms of all types - both foreign and domestically made - were pressed into service during the American Civil War of the 1860s. It was a modification of the Springfield rifled musket Model 1861. Willets of Bridgeton, New Jersey. 1855, 1861, 1863 - 1864 SPRINGFIELD,   FINE CIVIL WAR 1864 DATED SPRINGFIELD RIFLE MUSKET AND 1866 DATED SPRINGFIELD ALLIN CONVERSION MUSKET. Part Number: 58S126. jpg Springfield1861-0006. Sell a Similar Item. This This Civil War longarm is a . Springfield Model 1892-99 1861 Springfield Rifle, Armi Sport. Estimate $500 - $1,000 Feb 28, 2016. 58-26. I believe it may be in . This is basically the 37” barrel 1861 Springfield Rifle with a British patent breech and a modified lock and hammer. CIVIL WAR Antique Springfield US Model 1863 INFANTRY MUSKET Dated 1864. It was finished bright with a full walnut stock. 1864 springfield rifle

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